Monday, March 15, 2010

Salad planter for your porch

I’m lovin daylight saving time. I just came in from planting lettuce at 8:00. I just planted a strawberry jar with some spinach, mesclun mix lettuce, and some leaf lettuce. I started with an 18” plastic strawberry jar
with 12 holes around the sides. I drilled 4 holes ½” in the bottom. Then I filled it with dirt to the first set of holes in the side. Use a high quality soil, I prefer Fafard Complete potting mix with fertilizer and water trainer. I then put a plant in each hole and filled in the rest of the hole with straw. The straw keeps the loose dirt from washing out when you water it; you can use pine needles, rotted leaves or what ever you have around to hold the dirt in. I add more dirt and repeated the process for the 2nd and 3rd row. I like to stop about half way with the dirt and water it in good until water runs out the bottom holes. Sometimes it is hard to get a strawberry jar watered well to the bottom the first time. When I get to the top, I plant two plants to the outside edge of the large top opening. I like to put a little straw around those plant also to keep the dirt from splashing on the lettuce and it will also hold in moisture. Putting lettuce in a planter or pot on your deck or close by your house will make it more convenient to pick a few leaves for a salad or to go on a sandwich.

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  1. daniel and i can't wait to make one of these when we get back to phoenix! keep posting so we can learn more about growing veggies!