Friday, February 26, 2010

Get ready, spring is coming!

It may not feel much like spring right now, but it is coming.

Now is the time to reflect on your garden. What did well? What did you have problems with? What do you need to change for spring? What do you need to grow more of? What did you have an overabundance of?

Be sure you turn under all of the remains of last year’s garden stalks. Add leaves to compost and turn them under the soil also. The composted leaves help the soil retain moisture and makes the soil work easier.

February is the time to prune summer flowering shrubs such as butterfly bushes and roses. Cut back lirope or monkey grass and other ornamental grasses at the end of February. Prune out any dead limbs or limbs that rub in your trees.

Do not butcher your crape myrtles! They really don’t need pruning. Goldfinches love the old seed pods if you leave them on. Just like most other trees you should cut any dead limbs or limbs that rub and you can also prune the small sprouts off the bottom of the trunks if you want to.

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