Monday, November 23, 2009

Camellia Sasanquas

Don’t forget about Camellias when you are landscaping. The Camellia Sasanquas bloom in the fall, starting about mid October and blooming till mid December. They also have beautiful dark green foliage year around. They can grow in filtered sun or in full sun. Most varieties of the Camellia Sasanquas also need plenty of room to grow. Most of them will get about 6’-8’ tall and 4’-5’ wide. The make nice screens, or can be planted individually at corners of buildings, chimneys, and at the end of a porch to block the sun and wind. My favorite is the yuletide; it has a petty red flower with a large yellow center. Now is also the best time to plant them. They will start to root out before it gets hot and dry next summer.

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  1. I believe I have these growing in my front yard But, it just stareted blooming. Its not October.